Practical information about Nerja

Nerja is a lively resort with several beautiful beaches and a lovely climate. Nerja, with its white low-rise buildings, narrow streets, small squares and many tapas bars, is still a typical Spanish feel. Nerja is known for its “Balcony of Europe, this is a plateau high above the rugged coast. From here one has a magnificent view of the coastline and the far mountains. The stalactite caves of Nerja enjoy much prominence. These were discovered in 1959 and are now one of the most famous attractions of Spain. Last but not least Nerja is also a good base to explore the area.

Nightlife in Nerja
Nerja has 3-5 discoteques
Location Bars: The bars are located mainly in the center.
Types of bars: pubs,sclubs, cocktail  bars and karaoke bars

Food & Drink in Nerja
Enjoy real paella in one of the typical Spanish restaurants and tapas in one of the many tapas bars of Nerja Read more here.
Number of restaurants: 50-100

Types of restaurants: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish, local cuisine, fast food, grill and other

General praticioners and pharmacy in town.

Money matters
Banks and ATMs in town

Other practical matters
Post office, tourist information in town.  Nearest hospital is in Velez-Malaga.

Shopping in Nerja
Number of stores: 101-250
Location of stores: Most shops are in and around the center.
Types of stores in Nerja: tourists / souvenirs, clothing, jewelery, grocery / food stores aimed at locals, shoe stores and luxury gift shops

Type of market (s): general market & flea market
Location of the market (s): There is a weekly flea market and a general market west of downtown.

Climate Nerja

Average monthly Temperatures Nerja Spain/Annual Weather Costa Del Sol

Average Minimum Average Maximum
(ºC) (ºF) (ºC) (ºF)
January 9.4 49.0 17.2 63.0
February 9.9 50.0 18.1 64.0
March 11.4 53.0 20.0 68.0
April 12.6 55.0 21.8 72.0
May 14.9 59.0 24.3 76.0
June 18.1 64.0 27.4 81.0
July 20.1 68.0 29.8 86.0
August 21.3 70.0 30.4 87.0
September 18.8 66.0 27.6 81.0
October 16.1 61.0 24.1 75.0
November 12.6 55.0 20.4 69.0
December 10.5 51.0 17.8 64.0